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Retinal Detachments & Their Relation to Eye Flashes & Floaters

Experiencing objects floating in our vision, or the sudden appearance of lights, can be alarming. With that being said, these occurrences are usually harmless. The sensation of floating specs, dots, or lines in your vision are called floaters. The sudden appearance of flashing lights are called flashes. What are Flashes & Floaters in Eyes? Although […]

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Do Contact Lenses Dry Your Eyes

A woman rubbing her itchy dry eyes with contact lenses on .

An alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses are almost invisible, provide unobstructed vision, and can be worn once and thrown away (disposables). However, a common complaint from contact lens wear is dry eyes.  Contact lenses can cause dry eyes—about half of all contact lens wearers develop contact lens-related dry eyes.  For visual clarity and comfort, we […]

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Does My Kid Need Blue Light Glasses?

A boy is wearing blue light-blocking glasses while using a computer laptop during his online class.

With screen time on the rise, many people are struggling with digital eye strain. This is an increasingly prevalent problem for children as well, with many schools adopting online learning, and laptops and phones used for entertainment. One of the most prominent problems with more screen time is our increased exposure to blue light — […]

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