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Do Contact Lenses Dry Your Eyes

A woman rubbing her itchy dry eyes with contact lenses on .

An alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses are almost invisible, provide unobstructed vision, and can be worn once and thrown away (disposables). However, a common complaint from contact lens wear is dry eyes.  Contact lenses can cause dry eyes—about half of all contact lens wearers develop contact lens-related dry eyes.  For visual clarity and comfort, we […]

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3 Treatments to Reduce Myopia Progression

a hand holds a pair of glasses in front of two plants each taking up one lens of the glasses the image except for the plants are out of focus

Vision care starts at a young age, and managing eye conditions that typically develop from childhood, such as myopia, is essential. Consistent eye exams can help your optometrist stay familiar with your children’s ever-changing vision.  Let’s explore myopia, some symptoms, and 3 treatments to help reduce myopia progression.  What Is Myopia? Myopia, also known as […]

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Why You Need A Contact Lens Fitting

Young man at optometrist office putting in contact lens during fitting

Glasses are great, but sometimes you want to switch up your look and opt for contact lenses. The process is simple, and your optometrist will guide you through a comprehensive contact lens exam.  But how important is a contact lens fitting? Let’s explore some benefits of contact lenses and why the fitting process is crucial.  […]

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