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Less Reliance on Lenses

Laser eye surgery is a common and safe procedure typically used to correct refractive errors. This procedure is performed on over 75,000 Canadians every year with an incredible success rate. 

Laser eye surgery can correct refractive errors that result from the following: 

Laser eye surgery isn’t for every prescription, but Chestermere Optometry can help determine your candidacy by conducting a comprehensive eye exam. We’ll help to establish what level of correction is required, and provide an evaluation of your overall eye health.

Let’s turn your fantasies of a frameless life into reality. Book a laser eye consultation today!

Which Surgery Is Best For Me?

Patients are often surprised to learn that there’s more than one laser surgery procedure available. Different methods have risen from the large number of technological advancements that have occurred over the last decade. 

Here are some common laser eye surgery procedures in Canada: 


Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) uses a computer-programmed laser that sculpts your cornea into the ideal prescription. This procedure is the most common form of corrective laser surgery.

The opthalmologist creates a small flap in the cornea, then uses the laser to correct the eye’s refractive error by reshaping the cornea. After, the flap is put back in place to heal

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) uses a computer-programmed laser to change the shape of your cornea, similar to LASIK, but with a different procedure.

Your ophthalmologist removes and discards the cornea’s outer layer during surgery using a blade, brush, alcohol solution, or laser. Following this step, the cornea is reshaped to the desired prescription by removing precise amounts of tissue.

After surgery, a bandage contact lens is placed on the eyes for several days to help with the healing process.

Post-Surgery Procedures

Following your surgery, you’ll be scheduled a series of follow-up appointments to ensure that your eyes are healing correctly. Your optometrist will check in with your recovery, assess your visual acuity, and address any possible side effects

Post-operative care is an essential part of the laser eye surgery process, helping ensure you enjoy maximum benefits from the procedure.

Are You Ready to go Lens-Free?

The life-changing effects of laser eye surgery are within reach. Give us a call if you have any questions about the procedures, or if you’d like to book a consultation. We’d love to help you to achieve your best possible vision!

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