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Quick Action Can Save Your Vision

When you experience an eye emergency, there’s no time to hesitate: you must take action. Quick and decisive treatment will maximize your chances of making a full recovery.

Contact Chestermere Optometry immediately and arrange an emergency appointment. We’ll fit you in as soon as possible and perform a thorough evaluation of your eye health and vision. If we are closed, please proceed to the nearest emergency room.

Common Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies can be a worrisome experience. Let’s look at the most common problems and the correct actions to take: 

  • Chemical burn: The first step in a chemical eye emergency is running the affected eye under cool tap water for at least 15 minutes. Rinsing your eyes of the chemical can help minimize damage and ease the recovery process. 

Following the rinse, visit your optometrist for an emergency appointment or proceed to the nearest emergency room. If possible, bring the chemical in question, as this may help accelerate treatment.

  • Trauma: Any serious knock to the head or eyes should be followed up with an immediate examination by a medical professional.
  • Embedded foreign body: This is commonly metal or organic material embedded in the cornea or conjunctiva, and it can be very painful. An optometrist can often easily remove a foreign object. 

    Do not attempt to remove an embedded foreign body yourself.

  • Loss of sight: Any sudden loss of sight (in either eye, or both) should be treated as an emergency. Visit the optometrist as soon as possible for a diagnosis; they can help determine the next steps.

Preventative Care

Simple measures, like wearing safety glasses, can make a massive difference to your eye health. Many Canadians suffer eye injuries at work, and preventative care can help eliminate a large number of workforce injuries.

We are all victims of bad luck now and then, but by making careful choices and paying close attention to our surroundings, we can help reduce the risk of incidents. Let’s work together to stay injury-free! 

Your eye health is our primary concern at Chestermere Optometry. If you or someone in your family requires emergency care, call us right away. We’ll be waiting to provide swift and knowledgeable treatment! 

If you experience an emergency outside of regular office hours, proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room or urgent care centre.

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