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Better Sight & Improved Self-Confidence

Most people are familiar with contact lenses and eyeglasses, and how these tools are used to correct refractive errors. Vision therapy takes a different approach, aiming to empower the patient by training their visual system. 

It helps to think of vision therapy as a form of physical therapy for the eyes; the patient needs to dedicate themselves to a program and practice the prescribed exercises. 

There are many success stories about how vision therapy has transformed lives, and we’ve witnessed these accounts first-hand at our Chestermere practice. Vision therapy is effective against a range of problems, but requires a commitment to bring tangible results.

If you’re interested in our vision therapy programs, contact us today. Our optometrists will happily talk to you about vision therapy options, whether it’s for yourself or your children.

How Does Vision Therapy Help?

Anyone with a vision-related problem can benefit from vision therapy, provided the patient is willing to follow their prescribed program and practice their routines regularly.

A vision therapy routine can help strengthen the eyes and correct the following eye conditions

  • Issues with eye-tracking: Supporting how well your eyes follow a moving target
  • Issues with eye-teaming: Helping the eyes work together
  • Binocular vision dysfunction: Improving the ability to blend separate images from each eye into one coherent image
  • Problems with accommodation: Helping to focus on nearer objects

Issues with visual-motor integration: Improving hand-eye coordination

Empowering Our Children

Approximately 80% of learning is visual, and vision therapy can be the key to unlocking our children’s potential, allowing them to grow academically and socially.

Children who have vision problems can become withdrawn and uncomfortable in various situations; that’s one of the critical reasons Chestermere Optometry offers vision therapy.

Vision therapy offers our children a chance to overcome their visual difficulties, and provides empowerment, gratification, and a sense of fulfilment. 

If you are interested in a vision therapy program for your child, reach out to us today.

Not Just For Kids

At Chestermere Optometry, we encourage adults to actively pursue their options for improved vision. Why only allow children to achieve results from vision therapy when it can benefit so many others? 

If you’re an adult interested in our visual therapy clinic, reach out to us and arrange an appointment.

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