Vision Therapy Could Be the Gateway to Better Sight and Improved Self-Confidence

Most people are familiar with contact lenses and glasses, and how these tools are used to correct refractive errors. Vision therapy takes a different approach and aims to empower the patient by training the visual system. It is a form of physical therapy for the eyes, which requires a bit of dedication and practice.

There are many success stories about how vision therapy has transformed lives, and we’ve witnessed these accounts first-hand at our Chestermere practice. Our optometrists will happily take the time to talk to you about your vision therapy options, whether it’s for yourself or your children.

Vision therapy is effective against a range of problems, but requires commitment to bring real results.

Adults Can Benefit From Vision Therapy Too

While many youngsters benefit quickly from vision therapy, adults are also encouraged to be active in their pursuit of improved vision. To learn more about our visual therapy clinic, feel free to drop in or arrange an appointment with your optometrist.

How Can Vision Therapy Help?

Anyone with a vision-related problem may be able to benefit from vision therapy. There are a range of problems which, when met with a rigorous programme and studious practice, may be overcome.

  • Eye tracking – How well your eyes can follow a moving target
  • Eye teaming – How well both eyes work together
  • Binocular vision – The ability to blend the separate images from each eye into one coherent image
  • Accommodation – Focusing on a near object
  • Visual-motor integration – Hand-eye coordination

For children, over 80% of learning is visual. With that in mind, vision therapy can be the key to unlocking their potential and allowing them to grow both academically and socially.

That’s one of the key reasons we offer this service: children who have vision problems can become withdrawn and extremely uncomfortable in various situations, depending on the vision problems they are experiencing. Since their behaviour – for example, apparent disinterest at school – is often misinterpreted as “not caring”, children can have a pretty rough time of things.

Vision therapy not only offers them a chance to overcome their visual difficulties, but empowers them, which is hugely gratifying for the child.

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