A Contact Lens Exam & Fitting Means Maximizing Comfort & Clarity

Properly-fitting prescription contact lenses can offer you the visual correction of glasses with immeasurably improved comfort.

Modern contact lenses can correct most refractive errors and suit the lifestyles of the majority of Canadian adults and kids.

Contact Lens Exams Are Comprehensive & Comfortable

Contact lenses are now available to suit more eyes than ever before. However certain eye problems can reduce your candidacy for their use, so it’s imperative we perform a thorough eye exam to assess your overall eye health, as well as visual acuity and refraction.

Once we have your contact lenses prescription (which is different from your eyeglasses prescription), we’ll train you to insert and remove the lenses; it won’t be long before you’re an expert! Finally we’ll send you off with a pair of trial lenses: see how they feel, and have you report back to us at your next appointment, approximately a week later. If the trial lenses we have given you aren’t quite right, we will work with you to help you find the perfect lenses for your eyes.

General Information About Contact Lens Use

You should have a fairly lengthy chat with your optometrist about which type of lens is best suited to your eyes, as well as your lifestyle.

  • Who can wear lenses – The majority of glasses wearers could transition to contact lenses, if desired, since they can usually offer the same quality of vision correction. However, certain individuals are not good candidates for contact lenses, depending on their overall eye health and other factors.
  • Replacement schedules – There are different types of contact lens replacement schedules
    • Daily disposable lenses are put in each morning and thrown out each evening. These lenses are slightly more expensive, but offer a high level of convenience and health benefits, which appeals to many wearers.
    • Biweekly or Monthly disposable lenses are taken out every evening and soaked in a multipurpose or hydrogen peroxide solution.
    • Extended-wear lenses can be worn 24/7, but must be replaced every week to month, depending on the brand. If you are interested in overnight wear, discuss it with your optometrist, and they will determine if you are a good candidate.
  • Prescription types – Contact lenses come in all sorts of prescriptions, just like eyeglasses. Since contact lenses sit directly on the eye, rather than a few centimetres out, they will not be the same prescription as your glasses, so you will need to be fit by one of our optometrists. Contact lenses can correct farsightedness, nearsightedness, astigmatism, and presbyopia.

Which Contact Lenses Are Right For You

Chestermere Optometry stocks a wide variety of contact lenses brands in a variety of replacement schedules and prescription types.

If you’re looking to incorporate contacts into your life, schedule a contact lens fittings. During the fitting, your optometrist will determine which lens type makes the most sense for your ocular needs and lifestyle.

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